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Coming Soon!
We are working on an exciting online series for young readers. Stay tuned for "The Boat the Time Forgot" or contact us for more information!



CSI Literacy is now available in these territories:

            Hong Kong           


       United Arab Emirates 

To enquire about ordering CSI Literacy materials in these parts of the world, please click on the links above.  


NEW CSI Chapters multi-touch books for the iPad
Five of our award-winning CSI Chapters titles are now available to download from iBooks.

These five multi-touch books support the teaching of financial literacy, English language literacy, social studies, maths and statistics to year 4–6 students. Each book contains high-interest, challenging content to engage students in a variety of relevant financial topics, including budgeting, saving, cost of living, unwise use of credit cards, shares and stock market crashes.

Here are the links to purchase and download them on iBooks:

FREE teacher support materials (TSMs) are available to download from These materials include alignment with Levels 2–3 English, Social Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics achievement objectives from The New Zealand Curriculum. These materials can also be used with the Flash-based ebook, app, and hard-copy versions of these titles.


New! CSI Literacy iPad Apps

Developing comprehension skills has never been this fun – the new CSI Literacy Library iPad apps are specifically designed to turn young readers into de-text-ives!

The apps feature fun interactive tools: virtual sticky notes, colorful highlighters and pens, zooming, pop-up glossaries and embedded video…Who said comprehension learning couldn't include shark and bug videos?

The CSI Literacy Library app comes with all 25 engaging, leveled CSI Chapters texts. Science, Maths, Social Sciences, Fiction, Nonfiction – there’s something in there for every student, and  it’s research-based to build better readers!

Want to try it out first? The CSI Literacy Library: Starter app is FREE to download and comes with “Terrifying Beast of the Deep”, an exciting chapter-length text on natural history topics, and a virtual CSI Literacy bookshelf. Start with the free text, then fill your virtual bookshelf as you and your students please with the remaining 24 CSI Literacy Library texts.

These apps are an exciting way to build comprehension, vocabulary, and world knowledge.


Looking for a Powerpoint?

If you have recently attended a CSI Literacy presentation or workshop and are looking for a downloadable PowerPoint presentation, please visit our resources and presentation page.



Joining the CSI Literacy team

CSI Developer 

In November 2013, fresh from my English honours degree, I scheduled a well-overdue meeting with the careers advisor to discuss my future. In my 30-minute slot, she relayed a well-rehearsed speech with the enthusiasm of a fast-food attendant, informing me of all the highly competitive fields that I was qualified to enter. Publishing emerged as the ideal partnership between my interest in education and my dream of liaising with the literary world. The hardest part was breaking into it. more

Flipped Classroom - Actually it is about Active Learning

Neale Pitches 

No one likes a know-all right? Sorry, folks, but I have to boast. Some time ago, I wrote about the idea of flipping the classroom. My original piece is below. However this morning, sitting in my inbox, from the ASCD SmartBrief, was a research article by Leila Meyer called “Research: Using Active Learning More Important than Flipping the Classroom”. The piece reported the results of a research project that looked at the concept of active learning in both a flipped and non-flipped classroom. The conclusion? Active learning is the key: “The researchers concluded that the flipped classroom doesn't produce higher student learning outcomes than a non-flipped classroom when both use an active learning approach”. (The full study, "Improvements from a Flipped Classroom May Simply Be the Fruits of Active Learning”, was published in the March issue of CBE-Life Sciences Education). more

Transforming students into stronger readers and thinkers

Neale Pitches 

“The CSI Literacy program will transform student learning. This program demands that students reach higher levels of thinking while reading complex texts.” – Chaunte Neely more

Using CSI Literacy in a digital classroom

Neale Pitches 

"I really really, really like CSI. Every kid should do it because it’s fun and makes them better readers, even me". A ten-year-old student’s face lit up when talking about CSI Literacymore